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YouTube Premiere Presets

By aidden

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Adobe Premiere Pro preset pack made by video editor Aidden - specifically designed for YouTube. As used for YouTubers Simplistic, FaZe Rug from FaZe Clan and Brawadis vlogs.

Includes 20 total presets:

• 6 Text Presets

• 5 Image Popup Presets

• 6 Zoom Presets

• 3 Transitions

• Demonstration video

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What You Get
  • 1 preset file (.prfpset)
  • Example Project File
  • How-To-Use Video Tutorial
  • Instructions Document
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2016 and later
  • Requires 140MB of free space

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Amazing pack, just wish there was more presets to help with my videos!

Chech Romero

super easy just drag and drop

Extremely useful

Everything in this pack improved the productivity and efficiency in my editing. No longer do I spend minutes on things like transitions, text bounce ins, image pop ups, etc.

With this pack, all those things are covered for you with a simple drag and drop. But not only is it easy and simple, it's super professional too! Everything that comes in this pack is made with quality in mind. Its the little things, like how all the movements have a nice motion blur effect to them or how the movement speed changes to feel more diverse and natural (not just same speed from point a to point b)

Overall, this pack will improve the production quality of your videos that they were missing, as long as you use it properly. I recommend this product if you want an easy and simple way to improve the quality of your videos.