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What file format will I receive?

We will send you both an .mp4 and an .mov. So you can use it on your mobile device and your desktop!

My download link expired, how can I get a new one?

You can access the CreatorSet Studio and download any of your orders. You can also contact us on twitter and we will send you a new link.

Are animations compatible with CapCut?

Yes, you can use our animations with CapCut. You can watch this tutorial to learn how to use them.

Does it work on mobile devices?

Yes, all you need is an editing app on your device that supports Chroma Keying. Which is a feature that removes the background of a video.

I payed with PayPal, where will I receive my order?

We will send the order to your PayPal email. Make sure to check your spam folder. If you want to change the email of your order, simply contact us on Twitter.

Can I use my animations while streaming?

Yes, using your favorite streaming software, such as OBS, you can create a media source and simply select your .mov file

Can I loop the animations with a delay in between on my livestream using OBS/Streamlabs OBS?

Yes you can!
OBS users: Simply download this plugin and follow this tutorial.
SLOBS users: Follow this tutorial for Streamlabs OBS.

Can I change the profile picture or the subscriber count on my animation?

Yes you can, we offer one free update. Go to the CreatorSet Studio, register if you haven't already. Then, you will be able to access your orders and update any animation you purchased.

How to get rid of the green/red background?

When using the .mp4, it will have a green/red background. Using your editing software, you need to “Chroma Key” the background, which will get rid of the background color. Please note: if you’re using Premiere Pro, VEGAS, Final Cut Pro or iMovie we recommend using the .mov file, otherwise use the .mp4 file.