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A-Train Teleport (Sound Effect)

• Original source: The Boys

The Boys is a superhero comic series set in a world where superheroes exist, which follow a story of a group of vigilantes who oppose morally corrupt superheroes and "keep them in check." Following the premiere of the series' TV adaptation in June 2019, the series gained notable popularity in memes.

A-Train POV: I See A Happy Couple refers to a series of ironic memes where footage of a happy couple is shown under the caption, "POV: I see a happy couple," followed by a montage of clips featuring The Boys character A-Train, played by Jessie T Usher, who accidentally kills a woman in the series premiere by running through her with his superpowered speed, implying the poster is jealous of the happy couple and wants to kill one of them. The memes became popularized on TikTok in July 2022.
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