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Barack Obama - Now Lemme Be Clear Whoosh (Sound Effect)

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Barack Obama is an American politician who served as the 44th President of the United States after entering the office in January 2009 and left in January 2017 when Donald Trump became the 45th President. He was the first and only African-American ever to hold the office of Presidency in the history of the United States.

Obama 'Uhh, Let Me Be Clear' refers to parodies of a catchphrase of former President Barack Obama, who often says "Let me be clear" before making an important point in his political speeches. Though long parodied as one of Obama's verbal tics, the phrase started seeing use as a snowclone in July of 2022, with people inventing scenarios that would cause Obama to say a word that rhymes with "clear."- Source: KnowYourMeme See More..
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