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Bazinga (Sound Effect)

• Original source: The Big Bang Theory

Bazinga is an interjectory catchphrase associated with the American television sitcom The Big Bang Theory character Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons), who uses it as a taunt after pulling a practical joke on his friends, similar to the use of "zing" or snap." . Online, the phrase is used in a similar manner by fans of the show. However, the anti-fandom has co-opted the phrase via parody in poorly drawn MS Paint comics.

The Big Bang Theory is a television sitcom created by Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady, and Steven Malaro. The show is primarily focused on the life of various scientists with geeky hobbies, and their aspiring actress neighbour. As of October 2017, the show has been running for 11 seasons, airing more than 200 episodes. - Source: KnowYourMeme See More..
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