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Beep Beep WTF Boom Scream (Sound Effect)

• Original source: Counter-Strike - C4
Steve Moustache Show - Episode 3
Legend of Zelda - Chest Opening

What the F-Bomb AKA wtf boom or wtfboom is a series of video memes where a normal event gets interrupted by a loud voice screaming "WHAT THE F-" cut off by an extremely loud explosion, and a sinister laugh. It is commonly used as an element of surprise/interruption. The audio clip has also been used by VideoCompiler in a number of his "Ventrilo harassment" videos, in which he hacks into user Ventrilo servers, harasses users with sound bites, and posts videos online for lulz. It is commonly called the "WTF Boom/Bomb" on YouTube. - Source: KnowYourMeme See More..
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